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Freshly made, plant-based & ready-to-eat products for everyone to enjoy

Marché SĀ & Fils

Founded in 1975, Marche Sà is a family owned business that believes in tradition as the force for their success.

Marche Sà has accommodated people who like Portuguese and Brazilian products. They offer a grand selection of Portuguese/Brazilian cuts of meat, delicatessen, cheese, fresh fruits, vegetables, and various other imported products. 

An Italian who loves to cook. His style is old school Italian dishes with a modern twist. He’s had a passion for cooking since a young age. “I watched my grandmothers and mom in the kitchen. I started taking it seriously when I was 23. When I cook I do everything “a l’occhio” (By eye). He started #PastaThursday where Julien goes Live every Thursday and cooks a new pasta dish where others can cook along with him. “Surprisingly I did not attend culinary school – But growing up in the kitchen with my family is where I learnt the best. Cooking is my therapy”


FitbyJ, Jessica Habib is a certified health and nutrition coach currently working towards a naturopathy degree, N.d. At the international institute of Nturopathy of Laval. Jessica Focuses on the mental and physical well-being of her clients while sharing a holistic approach to improve their health.