Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver to the Greater Montreal area.  If you order a box and add your address at checkout you will be able to see if you’re in an area that we deliver to.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is $8 in all available regions.  Every additional box to the same address is $2 each.

What is the delivery fee for a meat box?

An additional fee of $8 per meat box will added when delivery is selected. This fee will include an insulated box with a gel pack.

What day do you deliver?

All our deliveries go out on Friday with exceptions to certain areas which has the option for deliver on Saturday*.

*If your area is eligible for Saturday deliver you will have the option at checkout.

How do you keep your produce so fresh?

Our produce is hand selected by our senior buyer and is kept in the freshest condition in our fridge right before it gets to yours.

Do you only sell fruit and veggie boxes?

We have an array of high quality products in store such as exclusive private imports and artisinal local products.  Not to mention our meat & fish box that you can purchase online on our site.

Are you just an online store?

No, in addition to selling our fruit & veggie box and a weekly meat & fish box online, we have a beautiful store front in Vimont, Laval where you can come in and purchase local or imported products and extra fresh produce to add to your box you ordered.